A highlight of the summer was the opportunity to photograph Susan at her home on the eastern end of Long Island  for Niche Media. She is an author, documentary filmmaker, jewelry designer and a deeply committed conservationist. Learn more about her mission on her website,

June 9, 2014

Recently in the Studio


Model: Steven Torrisi for Next/Grooming: Katsumi for Artmix/Wardrobe: Sarah Parlow/ CD: Studio02

May 5, 2014

Recently on Location


Models: Maiko for Q and Svandis for Basic/Hair: Roe Morgan/Makeup: Mahvish Gilani/ Wardrobe: Joshua Griffith/Creative Direction: Studio02
































Outtake of lifestyle story based on a couple’s weekend at home.

April 28, 2014

Recently in the Studio


Model: Gabriel Chytry – DNA/ Wardrobe: Sarah Parlow/ Grooming: Katsumi – Artmix/ Digital Technician: Jeremy Lips/ Creative Direction: Studio02 Design































Outtake from Men’s accessories story designed with a rich color palate.

April 22, 2014

Recently in the Studio


Model: Jessica Sjoo/ Wardrobe: Sarah Parlow/ Hair: Katie Schember/ Makeup: Stephanie Parent/ Digital Technician: Jeremy Lips/ Creative Direction: Studio02 Design
































Outtake from a story on colorful women’s coats for spring.